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Want to play your role in the lively medieval player-controlled world? You can now live in an inhabited territory or conquer new continents in new seasons! MMORPG in development, full of logically interconnected little things that create a unique immersion and adventure. You can live in One Mainland: build, develop, hunt, explore PvP and PvE zones. Or you can challenge and go to New Lands - each season, a new continent will become available, with a variety of biomes and inhabitants, conditions, rules, and rewards upon completion. So, for game lovers here is a good chance to avail because Wild Terra 2 Coupon Code is available here to satisfy your game addiction within your pocket restrictions.

The continent can be reached with a very harsh winter all year round, where all the villages were empty due to the plague, and barely survived forced to hunt people for food. You can get great selection of crafts and put attention to details by becoming the best blacksmith, fisherman, doctor, alchemist, sailor, builder, tanner, weaver, trader, farmer, carpenter, cartographer, hunter and anyone else. But to become the best, you need perseverance and knowledge. In Wild Terra, you cannot create armor with a single click. You will have tournaments, leaderboards and holidays. So be active to take part in various tournaments and competitions, get rewards and get on the leaderboard. In addition, you are waiting for special holiday events: Halloween, Christmas, April Fools` Day, as well as the holidays of the Wild Terra 2 world.

Join groups and create clans. You are waiting for the siege of medieval castles, hunting of great bosses and adventures in the dungeons. There is a realistic change of day and night, seasons, weather. So, Adapt and survive. At night, more dangers await you, and in winter you will have difficulties with agriculture and lack of food. You can even change your hairstyle, grow a beard, and don`t overindulge on food, otherwise you may not fit your new armor. While playing this game you will definitely imagine yourself as living in another world. So, you want to play but you are few pennies left? donít worry here are Wild Terra 2 Coupon and Wild Terra 2 Promo Code reachable to make sure that youíre having fun in your life with such realistic a game within low prices.

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