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Global cloud provider RU VDS offers virtual workers or VPS / VDS for rent. You do not need to buy and store equipment, but only you have to keep it up to date and observe the accessibility of your workers. This web will do it for you every minute of every day. You can lease worker limits and relinquish them with a single brand at any advantageous time. In 2016, this firm has started their own server farm in Korolev, Moscow region, and the partnership with Huawei, a leading producer of cloud arrays. Today they have ten server farms: two in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, London, Zurich, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. The dispersed organization reduces the dangers of clients and allows you to rent offices that are not too far from the workplace or work environment: less separation - greater speed. You can avail all of their facilities within low prices as there are RU VDS Coupon Code so that you can stay organized and updated within your budget. Their services include:

  • Antivirus protection
  • Rent of licenses
  • Insurance
  • Cloud storage
  • Insurance for legal entities
  • VPS servers with Plesk Obsidian

This e-commerce platform will likely make top-tier cloud administrations accessible. In addition, it seems that they are progressing admirably: their clients include large organizations (Like FINAM, VTsIOM, Gett), freelance IT experts and state organizations, to whom they offer their own server farm in the city of Korolev, asserted by FSTEC. In just two years, they figured out how to get into the top 20 Russian providers of IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) administrations. However, they don`t stop there as currently, the RUVDS group is effectively dealing with a company to broadcast the Internet from subspace, building the Cloud Technologies meeting and a useful blog for software engineers, and in their overtime, they organize competitions on the incredible computer games of the 90s. make heavenly cheeseburgers and even mix beer for IT pros. There are RU VDS Coupon and RU VDS Promo Code available to make it more accessible for you within your pocket limits.

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