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Wrist watches are one of the most important gadgets in people`s daily lives. You need to control the time during the day or night. Wrist watches are one of the most important devices for people. They are accessible in different types of plans. So the production of Molnija watches was established in 1947 and today Molnija joins the best Russian watchmakers. The organization`s mission is focused on the creation of high precision watch instruments and developments. The "Lightning" watch devices are an image of unshakable quality, precision and notoriety. The " Molnija" chronographs destined for flight can withstand outrageous temperatures and stacks and have been working for quite some time for the greatness of the Russian aviation industry.

One of the extraordinary meanings of the wristwatch is its usefulness and comfort. In the event that you have a decent connection to a watch, your point of view will change; and the right watch can help you do it. Not only does it keep you focused on most things, but it also allows you to estimate the time you have. Truth be told, it helps you get through it directly with your loved ones and understand that courage is something that will transform you.

The historical background of the industrial facility and the watches it produces is established throughout the entire existence of the American plant "Duber-Hempden" and the historical background of the production of the first Moscow watch factory. In 1929, in the United States, the Soviet Amtorg exchange office won two bankrupt watch factories: Dubert Hempden of Canton, Ohio, which created pocket and wrist watches, and Ansonia, of New York, which supplied morning timers and dividers. These two companies became the motive for the first and second production line of state watches from the confidence of precision mechanics in Moscow, from now on in 1930-1931. which started the creation of the main Soviet watches. The Chelyabinsk watch factory " Molnija" is the leading Russian organization shipping the creation of premium table tickers made by hand with a skeletonized instrument (for which this line got its name). Unexpectedly, a clock, showing its interior structure to its owner, appeared in the Age of Enlightenment (in the 18th century) and turned out to be a real spectacle.

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